Factory Wholesale Golf Artificial Grass Mat

Model: Golf Gateball Artificial Grass Mat
Height: 15 ~ 22mm
Gauge: 3/8, 3/16, 5/16inch
Density: 25200 ~ 54600/㎡
Dtex: from 6000 dtex
Application: Golf, Gateball, Hockey etc.

Artificial golf green lawn adopts the curve of natural lawn, and its simulation performance, sports performance and flexibility can compete with natural turf. The golf artificial turf green produced by our company is superior in density and smoothness of grass silk. Our research and development technology of this product is at the leading level in China. It can not only deal with business enthusiasts perfectly, but also meet the training needs of professional players.

At present, mini golf is the most widely used one. The flexibility and universality of riddle golf are also the main factors to be unanimously recognized. Not only the appearance is similar to the real grass, but also the softness is better than other products. When we do mini golf again, we will adopt the strategy of adjusting measures to local conditions, combining with the drainage and grass-roots level of the existing course. Considering many aspects, it can not only ensure the sports type, but also provide entertainment, so that the sport is no longer daunting.


Artificial golf green can be used as a substitute for natural green. It is not only the product itself, but also more safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low-cost, UV resistant, abrasion resistant, trample at will, and can be used all day long regardless of season change.




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