Kindergarten Playground Turf Eco Friendly Artificial Grass

Model: LCDQ-4-35U
Height: 20 ~ 40mm
Gauge: 3/4, 3/8, 5/8, 5/16inch
Density: From 50000/㎡
Dtex: From 8000 dtex
Application: Kindergarten, Shcool, Playground etc.

According to the height of the artificial turf, the lawn commonly used in kindergarten can be divided into the following categories:

1. The height of artificial turf in kindergarten is 8mm-10mm

There are two kinds of netted and curved filaments in the shape of grass filaments in this kind of lawn. From the appearance point of view, the lawn of qusi is more flat and dense, similar to carpet, with the advantage of high density and not easy to expose the bottom.

The density corresponding to the height of 10 mm can be adjusted by itself. Generally, the commonly used density should be at least 50000 clusters, so as to ensure the sports performance of the field. If it is only for temporary activities or daily decoration, you can choose a lower cost lawn.


2. The height of artificial turf in kindergarten is 25 mm-32 mm

Generally speaking, the height of artificial turf from 10 mm to 25 mm is moderate. Because the artificial turf in kindergarten is too high, it is easy to trap children. The most commonly used artificial turf is 25 mm mesh grass or artificial turf.

The cost of mesh lawn is low and wear-resistant. This lawn can be filled or not filled. If the elasticity of the site is required, it is recommended to use quartz sand as filling material.

Artificial turf is one of the advanced artificial turf. Generally, the color is not different from the real grass. It can be used as the decorative artificial lawn for leisure greening and has certain sports performance.

Besides green, we can also make other colors, such as red, yellow, blue, purple, etc. In addition, we can also design the whole runway artificial lawn according to the site, that is, the red and white artificial lawn of kindergarten.




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