40mm 50mm 60mm Outdoor Football Artificial Grass Turf For Rugby, Soccer Football Fields

Model: Customized Football Turf
Height: 40 ~ 60 mm
Gauge: 3/8, 5/8inch
Density: 10500/㎡
Dtex: from 7800 dtex
Application: Outdoor Football, Rugby, Soccer

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is of great value to develop the world youth football. Since the birth of the third generation of artificial turf, through the technical improvement and innovation of products, artificial turf not only has the appearance and sports performance close to or reach the natural turf, but also has obvious advantages over natural grass in use, maintenance and cost. The global artificial turf market has been growing rapidly in recent years. FIFA and UEFA have approved the use of artificial turf in some high-level competitions. FIFA and its certified independent laboratories actively promote football turf, establish systematic quality standards and test methods, and promote the performance improvement of football turf. Football artificial turf has been widely used in schools, communities and professional clubs.


Shhgrass not only meets the requirements of customers for extreme climate environment and high intensity use, but also provides optimal cost-effective system consulting and products for lawn budget constraints. Compared with natural grass, artificial turf system has the following advantages:

1. Sustainability

Unlike natural grasses, artificial football lawns can be used all year round because they are not as vulnerable to weather conditions as natural ones. They will not be affected by heavy rain, will not be damaged by hot sun or frost, and will not be frozen due to cold, so that your field will always be in the best state of the game. In this way, whether it's raining or snowing in summer or winter, your team can train and compete in an ideal state, so as to get rid of the problems of bald spots, mud, withered grass, long-term water, dust or turf falling off.

2. Durability

The use of artificial football turf can be more frequent and lasting. After about 300 hours of normal use each year, natural football turf begins to deteriorate, while artificial football turf can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - depending on good routine maintenance.

3. Versatility

Artificial football turf provides a multi-functional and multi-purpose solution according to your needs. A man-made football field has the function of at least three natural fields, because it can be applied to training and various levels of competition requirements. It can also be used for other activities, such as concerts and large public gatherings, which can increase the stadium revenue without affecting the artificial football turf to maintain the first-class competition state.

4. Low maintenance and low cost

The maintenance of natural football turf needs a long time, intensive labor, a lot of energy and capital investment. Although artificial football turf also needs regular maintenance, it is much more convenient than natural turf. We will also develop a cleaning and maintenance plan according to your needs, and train your maintenance personnel on maintenance methods and implementation of our maintenance program.

5. Cost effectiveness

Although the investment of artificial football turf system is higher than that of natural turf, the maintenance cost in the future is only one tenth of that of natural turf. After paving, it needs little equipment and manpower to maintain, which significantly saves the cost.


The shhgrass artificial turf of  outdoor football field can be customized from 40mm to 60mm in height and 10500 in density. The backing is  anti-aged PP Weave cloth + PET non-woven cloth. The pile material is UV Resistance Monofilament PE. There are four basic green colors to choose from. They are field green, olive green, fruit green and army green. You can also customize any color you want.




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