Gateball Artificial Turf / Mini Golf Field Artificial Grass / Putting Green Carpets

Model: Gateball Artificial Turf
Height: 15 ~ 22mm
Gauge: 3/16, 5/16, 3/8inch
Stitch: 240 ~260 s/m
Density: 25200 ~ 54600/㎡
Dtex: From 6000 dtex

In recent years, more and more people know the gateball court because of its sports entertainment, especially loved by many old friends. For the goal ball, the ground material plays a key role in the game. As the ground material, the artificial turf can not only improve the performance of the goal ball court, but also ensure the ball speed and running direction, and greatly enhance the safety performance.


The advantages of the wide use of artificial turf in the gate Court:

1. Internal advantages: good air permeability and water permeability, non-toxic, pollution-free and environmental protection characteristics of artificial turf.

2. External advantages: the gate court artificial turf has reasonable price, long utilization rate, high friction performance, simple construction and less noise, natural appearance and so on.

Key points for attention in the use of artificial turf in the gate Court:

1. Sharp sports shoes are forbidden to walk on the sports ground and the artificial lawn of the gate court, and heavy objects are prohibited.

2. It is forbidden to bring illegal articles, such as inflammable and explosive materials, to the artificial lawn of the entry court.

3. Regularly clean the artificial turf waste of the gate court to keep the lawn clean.




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