Leisure Grass Carpet Soft Rug Artificial Grass For Patio And Commercial Decor

Model: Leisure Grass
Height: 25 ~ 40mm
Gauge: 3/4, 3/8, 5/8, 5/16inch
Density: 16800/㎡
Dtex: From 8000 dtex
Application: Landscape, Street, Rooftop, Garden, Pation, Playground

How to choose artificial grass?

Shhgrass can recommend the most suitable artificial grass according to our client’s requirement. What’s more, our technical team has a consistent supply of talents and newly developed technology, customized product can be accepted, which can fully satisfy different kinds of customers’ needs. Shhgrass insists on providing personalized solutions for customers, with every scientific details and dedicated service attitude, making perfect service for you.




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