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The advantages of artificial turf compared with natural turf: saving water resources

As we all know, water resources are very precious resources on the earth, and water is the source of life! Artificial turf and other technologies provide a new way to solve the problem of "planting grass is difficult to survive, planting trees is lack of soil". Artificial lawns have made contributions to the earth's water resources, which is a fact we have to admit. Here is a detailed introduction of the advantages of artificial lawns compared with natural lawns to save water resources!


The emergence of artificial turf, to a certain extent, has reduced the damage to nature, at least in the natural food chain to protect a plant. Because of the appearance of these artificial lawns, the earth will also be afforested, adding some vitality. With the improvement of human living standards, environmental protection has become an important indicator project in every country. Due to the increasingly serious environmental damage, human beings are suffering more and more natural disasters. The natural disasters in recent years are not so much natural disasters as direct ones caused by people. In recent years, people have wantonly damaged the environment of nature, exploited the resources of nature endlessly, resulting in the situation that natural resources can not be recycled and grow again, and some animals and plants have been facing extinction. Facing these human beings, it is really worth reflecting on ourselves.

The appearance of artificial lawn not only beautifies the earth but also protects the ecological environment of nature, which is a result of the best of both worlds and human beings. With artificial turf, there is also the opportunity to experience expensive football in some places in the world where the growth conditions of natural turf are not good, such as cold and hot. The contribution of artificial turf to global water resources is also huge. In Africa, saving water resources is of great significance.

When the ground water is exposed to the sun, the water evaporates to the bottom of the artificial lawn, and accumulates in the sand dust under the artificial lawn and the soil in the mesh bag, so that the soil can be wetted, which can not only provide the water for the growth of trees for the soil, but also protect the ground water from evaporation to the air loss. It is understood that the artificial turf used in this project is made of PPE modified material which is produced by modern bionic technology and scientific processing. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, static resistance, etc. it can be continuously used in the desert for more than 15 years and is evergreen all the year round. It can also be used in the green belt on both sides of the railway and expressway, which can promote the prevention of large evaporation of urban groundwater. It is believed that in the near future, man-made lawns will control desertification, and our lives will be "engulfed" by haze and sandstorm. There are only blue sky and green land.

Through the research and development of environmental protection, durability and comfort of artificial grass, artificial grass products have been recognized by more people. Artificial turf is widely used because of its weather resistance, economic maintenance, water saving, no need to spray pesticides, can be used all day. With the popularity of human sports, as well as the permitted use of football on artificial turf, artificial turf will still maintain a rapid growth due to the expansion of its use. In the future, the artificial turf will be durable, soft and comfortable, recyclable and so on, and the development prospect of artificial turf industry will be better.



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