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The development of artificial grass yarn

Artificial grass yarn has evolved from the first generation of artificial grass yarn to the third generation of artificial grass yarn, from the original nylon material to the polyethylene and polypropylene materials currently used. Through the unremitting research of two generations of lawn people, the quality of artificial grass yarn can be further improved; the quality of grass yarn is getting higher and higher.

Artificial grass yarn was originally made of nylon (PA). Nylon is the initial stage (initial stage) of the use of grass yarn materials. In the initial stage, grass yarn is made of nylon. The shape of grass yarn made of nylon is similar to that of carpet. Considering the use performance and economic cost, the elastic property of grass yarn made of nylon is poor and the price is relatively expensive. It is not easy to be used in other industries.


The first generation of artificial grass yarn were commonly made of polypropylene (PP).  A grass wire made of polypropylene that resembles a synthetic grass wire in appearance. The only drawback is that polypropylene grass yarn is not torn hard enough and tears easily; torn grass yarn can be inhaled by wind and breath, which can harm human health.

The first generation of artificial grass yarn is inserted in the surface layer of the base cloth through drawing. It is mainly filled with quartz sand after the grass yarn is paved. The quartz sand particles have strong hardness and low economic cost. This stage is the growth period of turf industry.

The second generation of artificial grass yarn is made of polyethylene, and the second generation of grass yarn adds rubber particles on the basis of the first generation of grass yarn pavement; the use of rubber particles greatly improves the use performance of grass yarn, and the elastic performance and sports performance of grass yarn are enhanced.

The third generation of artificial grass yarn is improved on the basis of research and development of previous generations of grass yarn. The first and second generation of artificial grass yarn are mesh grass, and the third generation of grass yarn has evolved into monofilament and mixed grass yarn products.

The third generation artificial grass yarn has more shapes and is suitable for different functions. Through the use of the appearance of the site modeling, site use, product diversification to improve and improve grass yarn. In order to cater to the overall beauty of the venue, grass yarn of different shapes and states are developed, including straight yarn, monofilament, curled yarn, straight plus curl, etc.; for example, it is suitable to use curled grass yarn for the non-filling venue, such as the gate arena.

In the research and development process of artificial grass yarn at the mature stage, through the mixed use of polyethylene and polypropylene materials, the movement performance of grass yarn itself is enhanced, which is more in line with the sports requirements of the sports ground.

Only through continuous research and development and evolution, can we further improve the quality and quality of artificial grass yarn, and develop and produce artificial lawn products that meet people's needs. At present, artificial grass yarn research and development is safer and more durable, providing fun for people's lives across the country, but also bringing health.



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