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What's the difference between professional turf glue and common glue

How to pave artificial turf, in addition to its paving technology, the glue used has an important impact. At present, there are many kinds of artificial turf glue on the market, and their quality and price are often very different. In this case, how to choose artificial turf glue?


Because the special glue for artificial turf is designed by the manufacturer with specific formula, its cost will be higher. Because of this, many users will abandon the special glue and choose the cheap common glue. All of these, just for the construction quality and later maintenance of artificial turf, lay a hidden danger.

If we choose the general all-purpose glue in the market to lay the artificial lawn, we should not see any problems in a short time, but because this glue is not the special glue for artificial lawn, it is not highly targeted, many of the glue does not have the waterproof function, it is easy to show the phenomenon of degumming and breaking the lawn floor in a long time, and even affect the service life of the lawn, at the joints Seam marks are also easy to appear.

But the special glue for artificial turf can play a role of fixing and bonding in the process of laying. This glue is made of special ingredients, which has a strong adhesion to plastic products, and has strict water resistance. The artificial turf bonded by this glue is firm, long-life, compressive and wear-resistant, and has no traces of seams on its appearance. It is the construction and paving of artificial turf The preferred setting.

Glue is only an auxiliary material, but it can determine the quality of artificial turf. In order to prolong its service life, we must choose the right glue. Don't be greedy for the time being cheap.



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