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Types and uses of artificial turf

The types and uses of artificial turf can be divided into sports turf and leisure turf, which can be paved with all kinds of sites. On the basis of safety and environmental protection, sports experience and appearance effect are emphasized. With the continuous renewal of turf products and the renewal of the types and uses of artificial turf, there will be more and more extensive fields.


1、 The types and uses of artificial turf.

1. Artificial turf for football field.

Artificial turf of football field is an early and widely used type of sports turf. The playground, street football field, business football field, large-scale sports venue and all levels of professional competitive sports venues of small and medium-sized universities can be paved with artificial turf of football field, and can meet the sports performance requirements of all levels.

At present, football grass mostly adopts monofilament and stem grass filament, which has better upright, flexibility and wear resistance, better performance in sports performance, more similar appearance with real grass, and good visual effect.

2. Other sports turf

In addition to football field, artificial turf has also developed a lot of sports field applications, golf course, gate course, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, baseball field, rugby field, hockey field, cricket court, badminton court and runway grass, etc., which can be laid with various types of monofilament grass, reticulum grass, straight filament grass and curly filament grass artificial turf.

2、 The types and uses of artificial turf are leisure type.

1. Artificial lawn in kindergarten

Artificial turf has become a choice of most kindergartens. As a large branch of artificial turf leisure grass, kindergarten turf has been concerned by manufacturers. Kindergarten grass is mainly composed of straight curved silk, which emphasizes safety and environmental protection, good quality, superior protection function, beautiful appearance and shape, and is suitable for laying indoors and outdoors.

2. Green lawn

Artificial lawn is widely used as greening, which can be used in roads, communities, gardens, office buildings, shopping malls, amusement parks, roof greening, and greening of internal and external walls. The green lawn has a high density, comfortable and soft touch, natural color, and very similar appearance to the real grass, which can achieve the effect of false to true, and beautify the green degree very well.

3. Lawn carpet

Lawn carpet has soft touch, good flexibility, safety and environmental protection, bright colors and various colors. Our company's lawn carpet does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metal, import agent, fire retardant, can be used for indoor window, bedroom, living room carpet, hotel, exhibition carpet, as well as the ground pavement of the wedding site, etc., the unique fresh and natural artificial lawn can bring a new refreshing feeling to the ears and eyes.

With the increase of people's awareness of products, the types and uses of artificial lawns have more and more creative applications, such as pet artificial lawns, lawn home accessories, lawn decorations and so on. The application range of artificial lawns will become more and more wide and diversified.



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