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An effective way to reduce the temperature of artificial turf

After entering summer, the temperature will gradually rise, which is not only unbearable for human body, but also for artificial turf. When the sunlight is directly on the artificial lawn, its temperature will rise in a straight line. If it can't cool down in time, its service life will be shortened. So how to reduce the high temperature of artificial turf effectively?


In fact, in the hot weather, in order to reduce the temperature of artificial turf, artificial turf can be wet. This is because in the very hot weather conditions, water will evaporate quickly, evaporation will take a lot of heat, and really effectively reduce the temperature of the lawn.

However, when watering the artificial turf in the sports field, it is OK to wet the surface layer. Do not use a lot of water, which will not only make the artificial turf unusable in a short period of time, but also cause waste of water source. Do not use the polluted water source, which is easy to cause secondary pollution of the turf.

Therefore, rainfall is a better cooling method for artificial turf. Rainwater can not only reduce the temperature of artificial turf, but also clean the dust. Rainwater can gently clean the dust, dust and other types of pollutants on the fiber to keep it clean.

In addition to the harm caused by high temperature drying, the construction technology is closely related to the use of artificial turf. The edge of artificial turf glue is raised because the construction time of glue cement is not dry. In order to avoid the occurrence of similar phenomenon, on the one hand, it is necessary to select the special glue for artificial turf, and at the same time, it is necessary to construct it correctly.



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