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Principle of artificial turf maintenance in the later stage

What are the principles for the use and maintenance of artificial turf in the later stage? The appearance and performance of the artificial lawn is very similar to that of the real grass. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance and simple maintenance. Artificial turf is used in outdoor field. It is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, with high frequency of use and complex and diverse environment. It will always have some impact on artificial turf! What are the key points of using artificial turf? What are the principles of turf maintenance?

Principle 1 of artificial turf use and maintenance in the later stage: keep the artificial turf clean

Generally, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be cleaned deliberately, and natural rainwater can play a washing role. However, as a sports ground, such an ideal state is rare, so it is necessary to clean up all kinds of residues on the turf in time, such as paper scraps, fruit drinks and so on. The light garbage can be solved by vacuum cleaner, the larger garbage can be removed by brush, and the treatment of stains needs to use the liquid agent of corresponding components, and wash with water quickly, but do not use the cleaner at will.


Principle II of later use and maintenance of artificial turf: pyrotechnics will cause turf damage and potential safety hazard

Although most of the artificial lawns now have the function of flame retardant, it is inevitable to encounter the poor performance of the site, hidden safety risks. There is also that although the artificial turf will not burn in contact with the fire source, there is no doubt that the high temperature, especially the open fire will melt the grass wire, causing damage to the site.

The third principle of the use and maintenance of artificial turf in the later period: the pressure in unit area should be controlled

No traffic, no parking and no stacking on artificial turf. Although artificial turf has its own upright nature and resilience, but its burden is too heavy or too long, it will also crush the grass. Artificial turf can not be used for sports such as javelin, which need to use sharp sports equipment. In football matches, long spiked shoes are not allowed. Round spiked shoes can be used instead of high-heeled shoes.

Principle 4: control the use frequency

Although the artificial lawn can be used with high frequency, it can not bear the high-intensity sports without limitation. Depending on the use, especially after intense sports, the venue still needs some rest time. For example, in general, there are no more than four official matches a week in artificial turf football field.

Following these precautions in daily use, on the one hand, can keep the sports function of artificial turf in a better state, on the other hand, can also improve its service life. In addition, when the frequency of use is low, the site can be inspected as a whole. Although most of the damage encountered is small, timely repair can prevent the expansion of the problem.



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